Saturday, 14 February 2015

Good practices mandate

We have agreed:

1. Listen to families’ proposals with a pedagogic filter

2. Deadlines have been respected

3. He will work with families both inside and outside schools

4. Fill out every document related to this project (teachers’ guide, evaluation, reports,..)

5. Website should be always updated (at least one a month, new products and results must be uploaded)

6. We are committed to listen to children

7. Every product has to achieve a minimum and professional quality pedagogical level

8. It will be necessary to adapt situations and activities in order to make them accessible to children with special needs. Teachers must ensure that this particular student body will be able to participate and benefit from other adults’ contributions in the learning process.

9. We should promote activities in which certain demographical situations (language barriers, low levels of education, etc.) become an opportunity for integrating families affected by social or cultural disadvantages. As well as guarantee the gender equality.

10. We will disseminate our activities as well as contribute to engage environment as the third educational agent.

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